BIM Documentation Service

BIM Documentation administrations produce 2D archives from an organized, brought together, conflict recognized arrangement of BIM models used to do by BIM subject matter experts. These 2D archives are the equivalent and with high caliber, as you would get in a non-BIM measure which can be additionally utilized as agreement documentation or authority accommodation documentation or development documentation.

Lupiter Technologies BIM has all around prepared BIM experts that give BIM Documentation Services. Numerous customers face the issue of creating exact 2D drawings and reports from BIM models in their organization, for example,

  • Practical issues in BIM programming to create definite 2D drawings from CAD programming,
  • The distinction in the application and use level of BIM as indicated by discipline,
  • Absence of expert BIM measure and institutional issues.

At Lupiter Technologies we accept that Building Information Modeling or BIM can carry an indispensable change to the development business. By supporting individuals and industry in executing BIM through our demonstrated aptitude we’re proceeding to rethink the development business’ future.

Development documentation is a bunch of complete drawings, which gives successive information identified with the means of the development system. The data in the development documentation is valuable to those engaged with the development business, for example, manufacturers, contractual workers and so on Development documentation sets are utilized to convey the plan purpose and determinations to the plan experts, temporary workers, architects, makers, and providers.

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